The waiter must have been thrilled

Take a look at this receipt from Nello’s in New York City:

A receipt from Nello's

Forget the wine, who charges $30 for asparagus?

Reportedly, the customer who accrued these charges was Russian oligarch and billionaire Roman Abramovich, although he did receive some assistance from five of his friends.

Where do I begin? Well, when you break down the charges, the cost for the food was a relatively reasonable $1,162, or $194 per person, not out of the realm of possibility during an evening out at Café Boulud in Palm Beach. On the other hand, Abramovich was very generous with his guests regarding the assortment of drinks that he ordered (I’m assuming that he shared), which totaled $35,425, or $5,904 per person. Even more disturbingly, that breaks down to almost two bottles of some combination of champagne, wine, port, and whiskey per person, which is a lot, unless, of course, you’re either Russian or from Palm Beach.

Although I’m sure that Abramovich and his friends had a very nice time, nobody ended up happier than the waiter, who pocketed more than $12,000 for his efforts (i.e., delivering a few plates of pasta, pulling a few corks, and steering clear of Abramovich’s girlfriend). $12,000? But the bill lists a tip of only $7,328.20. Yes, $12,000, because, as reported by TMZ, Abramovich threw in an additional $5,000 on top of the standard 20% tip to ensure that the waiter’s compensation would be sufficient.

Oh, and, by the way, these charges were for lunch.

David Desmond


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