My First Review for the Disney Magic Kingdoms Game

My First Review for the Disney Magic Kingdoms Game

Disney Magic Kingdoms Review By David

Produced by Gameloft, the mobile game (free) Disney Magic Kingdoms offers you to build your own Disneyland! Probably one of the best mobile games on the Disney universe. I invite you today to a guided tour of the game, and my complete review.

Maleficent launches new curse

If you already know the movie from Disney Studios: Sleeping Beauty, you probably know the villain of the story: Maleficent. Well, in the Disney Magic Kingdoms game, we find out she’s back! This time, she does not attack the charming Princess Aurora, but Disneyland!

Evil has unleashed a terrible curse on Mickey’s entire kingdom. The darkness has condemned the vast majority of the amusement park and everything has to be redone.

Helped by the magician Merlin (the main character of the Disney movie “Merlin the Enchanter”), Mickey needs your help to revive his theme park.

You will have to manage Disneyland: satisfy the Guests, open new attractions, and even organize the Tank Parade! The game Disney Magic Kingdoms offers to manage and build your own Disneyland. In other words, the idea is bright and very interesting.

The first part of the game

At the first opening of the game, Merlin guides us and tells us what happened at Disney Park. We quickly discover that Mickey has not managed to save much … It remains only the famous main avenue: Main Street.

The magnificent castle is caught in the darkness, and fortunately, it will not remain very long. To fight the curse, you need magic and gems (pink diamonds). Merlin and Mickey offer you a lot from the beginning of the game. The magician then guides you to free the castle from the curse, and explains how to host Dingo.

Soon, you can add Woody (the Toy Story cowboy) among the active characters on the park. The beginning of the game serves as a tutorial (very well explained), where we add a first attraction and the house of Mickey Mouse. In other words, we hang on to the game very quickly.

Beautiful graphics!

Difficult for me not to greet the work of the designers of the game, especially on graphics. The screen of my iPhone is small but it does not spoil the pleasure of the eyes. The virtual park is really beautiful, false 3D, very colorful, with splendid animations (I love the fireworks when the Parade scrolls!). The Disney Magic Kingdoms game is simply a visual wonder.

What would I have liked to see such a quality of rendering in the game “Disney Infinity” … The characters are in every way faithful to the films of which they stand out. They do not have a bigger head than the body, or too stylized facial features. In fact, we almost want to be one of the little kids running everywhere. This magical universe may be virtual, but it is no less wonderful.

If like me, you do not have the chance to go to Disneyland Paris often, you will be happy to see that it comes to you through the game Disney Magic Kingdoms. The game with rock music so sweet to the ear, it feels like DisneyWorld and I do not get tired!

In any case, the studio Gameloft remains true to itself. They are almost always applications of quality, and seeing the result, we are glad that this project was entrusted to them.

How to play Disney Magic Kingdoms?

Go to the App Store (for Apple iOS devices), search for the game and download it (the game is free and in many languages). Once installed, start the application and let Merlin guide you.

“Note: This article was a bit too long so those who want to know more about the gameplay, I invite you to read Disney Magic Kingdoms hack article.”

Note that this game is available (for free) also on Android via Google Play, and on Windows from version 10.

The main qualities of the game

Apart from the free and the translations to many languages, the big highlight of the game is its visual effects, it is undeniable. Everything is beautifully animated and staged. There is a real attention to detail and we appreciate. For example, when a child stops at a Sorcerer’s Apprentice booth, he leaves the small shop with a magician’s hat.

Magic Kingdoms does not require internet to play, and it does not require you to connect to a Facebook account. I play without this connection and I appreciate that I do not force myself. In fact, Disney Magic Kingdoms offers 4 pseudo friends who replace a little lack of link with Facebook.

Gameplay side, we regularly discover news and events. These break a bit of the monotony of the game and confront you to players around the world. Moreover, everything suggests that the game will soon propose other territories and more characters to unlock.

The longevity of the game is good. You will be busy a good deal of time with character quests. It’s several months to free the whole park from the curse.

To find funding, the game Disney Magic Kingdoms offers some advertisements that are absolutely not embarrassing. There are also integrated purchases of course. However, rest assured, it is quite possible to evolve in the game without paying a penny.

Given the complexity of the application, I was expecting to see a nice collection of bugs. I searched, and I finally found very little. Small defects anyway, but nothing bad. It’s a good job, nothing to complain about.

Finally, the concept is its biggest advantage. This type of game is not new, but what child did not dream one day to make his own Disneyland?

Some flaws that break the game …

The biggest defect of the game is the waiting time. It often takes 6 seconds to 24 hours. It breaks a little fun if we do not want to spend too quickly our precious gems. However, remember that Disney Magic Kingdoms is free and it is normal that its authors reap the benefit of their work. That said, if you do not spend real money in this application, you can quickly find the long time.

After that, I think developers should still review waiting times on some actions. 5h waiting to build an attraction still passes, but 6h waiting for Goofy to change bulbs at Mickey, it’s not consistent. Some quests are really too long, like those of Minnie who ask too often 8 to 24 hours.

The gameplay is quite repetitive because you often have to click and wait. It does not feel at first because we discover the features as and when, but after a few days, we start to get tired of clicking – wait – click – wait … This game would be perfect if it offered more than diversity. Answering a question about the Disney universe, making a puzzle or looking for hidden objects in the park that would be enough to make the quests more interesting.

Of course, events break the monotony of the game, but they are sometimes almost impossible to finish in time. That of Halloween for example only lasted 24 hours. When you take away the hours of the day when you cannot play, there is little time left to complete the goals, even buying gems.

Finally, the game is very energy intensive. However, here it is, the price to pay to enjoy such beautiful graphics and beautiful visual effects.

The mobile application Disney Magic Kingdoms is available in several languages (including French, Spanish, German), but the audio was only in English. It’s not a problem to play (me, it did not bother me more than that), but it’s a small flaw that should still be mentioned.

My verdict on this Disney mobile game

As I said in my introduction, Disney Magic Kingdoms is probably one of the best Disney mobile games available today. If only for its quality graphics and catchy concept.

The game is not very old (released March 17, 2016 worldwide), you must know. However, it has already brought together a large community of players, and I am one of those who will closely follow his evolution.

After, like all free games, it may disappoint some by the waiting time for almost all actions. It is true that it breaks the playability, but you say that the free is always paid, even if we sometimes refuse to suffer the consequences. Personally, it is an application that I appreciate a lot. I would like to see more of them like that. Games as beautiful and innovative. In any case, I advise you to try it, it does not cost you anything.



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Great game

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    great game to play

Amandine Posted on9:28 pm - Mar 27, 2019

Hi ! I tried the hack but the page to download the app for security check doesn’t appear :/ what wan I do ?

    David Posted on9:41 pm - Apr 7, 2019

    This is only review page where I gave to people an useful tips for Disney Magic Kingdoms, there is no need to download any other apps to know how to play this game, read my article and follow my tricks 😉

Shelby Mason Posted on10:45 pm - Mar 27, 2019

I enjoy the game.

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I enjoy playing

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Love it!

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Love this game

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My favourite game

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I’m a Disney fanatic! Love collecting the characters and love this game!

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