Strategies for Smashing Four From David

Strategies for Smashing Four From David

Smashing Four Tricks from David

This game Smashing Four is all about planning and skills and that is why it can be highly challenging. Some people may think that the mechanics in this game are really simple but remember that it also needs proper strategies. Without the strategy, if someone starts this, they may end up badly.

Here are some tips for this Smashing Four game which can be really helpful in playing this game.

Having a team which is balanced

Here players should add up only limited number of heroes into their squad. This is the reason, each and every hero should be chosen carefully. Each and every hero comes with their own skills and by unlocking more and more heroes player can play for long time.

However, meantime having the right balance when it comes to attackers, healers are very important. So, balance is something which is very crucial in winning this game.


This is one of the strategy games and in this game, strategy and planning are very important. This can help the player in determining the moves which opponent may make. If the player really wants to win, then he can’t just go smashing towards the enemy who is in front of him.

But at these situations, he should focus on his abilities as well as try to gain upper hand along with using environments for gaining advantages.

Unlocking Heroes

If the player really wants to win it is not enough that focuses on base heroes which are available. He should understand that there are many varieties when it comes to heroes and he should try to unlock them. They will come with special abilities and this will help him in winning the battle.

Improving Aim

Player should be very good at aiming and this will help him in winning. He should tap on the hero available and push the finger back and charge the shot. Meantime player should make sure that the shot sticks. Otherwise this can be a wide opening for the opponents and they will start attacking him.

Upgrading Heroes

When we think of getting the best skills, most important thing is upgrading the heroes. There are heroes like Assassin and Shaman, who can show their charm when they are leveled and they will also unlock newer abilities.

Joining Active Clan

When the player reaches 200 trophies, it becomes easy to join an active clan. It is better to do this as soon as player reaches this number.

Buying Rare Cards

Player should always check in the store on daily basis for new cards. In case if there are rare cards, players should think of buying at least one of them. It is not easy to get fulfilled with rare card request and that is why buying is the best option when it comes to rare cards.

Getting Free Gems and Gold

Achievements: Along with opening chests, this game also provides players with freeways which help in earning Gems and Gold along with the achievements. These are the prizes which are given for completing certain tasks like healing the heroes, enchanting for other heroes etc.

There are many other achievements and some of them are very easy. One among them is Party Party, this is very simple and help in earning good amount of gems and golds. Party, Party is nothing but a friendly battle. Or you can always try Smashing Four hack which can be founded on the internet or youtube very easy, just google for it 😉


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