Ultimate guide to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Ultimate guide to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

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Either it is through books, movies, or through video games, it is possible for Star war fans to experience the favorite galaxy via plethora of mediums. One among them is Galaxy of Heroes which is a free-to-play game. In this game, players should assemble the team of champions strategically from the available series and try to compete in different battles.

This game offers slowly re-charging meters for energy which helps in fueling fights which the player chose and it also encourages logins entire day.

When new players come to this game, they usually get overwhelmed since this game offers myriad number of options as well as characters. Along with this, there are many currencies to collect from like Cantina Credits, Credits, Arena Tokens, Crystals, Ally Points, and War Tokens.

There are advanced players who are not aware of few hidden secrets and tricks like Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats. So, this is a best guide which helps in revealing many such tips which help the players to win the game.

Making use of healers

There are characters which can help in healing the team. These are the characters which try to keep the team alive for longer time. This will help the team in defeating stronger bosses and that is why healing characters are very helpful.

These characters usually shine in the Galactic War this is the mode where in players should find long battles and damages are common and this is the situation where healers are really essential. Some of the common characters in healing are Old Daka, Barriss, and Luminara.

Unlocking the characters

As the player picks the battles for spending energy, and when choosing the character shards, player should remember about the daily challenges. This is because, many of these may restrict players to few types of class.

To complete these type of challenges, players need to have at least 5 characters and they must come from at least three basic classes. Using many classes will lead to more balanced team and hence one must always aim to develop well-rounded, balanced group.

Utilizing galactic war

This is one of the hardest modes for Galaxy of heroes. Galactic war usually challenges players for fighting series of battles which are very difficult and these will be against teams which are built by some other players. Players should understand that their characters are never healed automatically in between the fights.

Their cold downs will never get reset. This is the reason if the player is really wants to win then he should plan carefully and he needs precise healing.

Galactic war is something which takes longer when compared to other modes. Along with this, this mode is harder to win as well by using auto battle features. But if the player succeeds in conquering this, he will receive a lot of credits, hard to collect crystals, training droids, and even War Tokens.

These rewards are very helpful in collecting a lot more characters. Competitive players always need these extra treasures which are provided by GM for maintaining high ranking. In case if the player chooses the game in the middle of some Galactic War battle, it is possible to restart it and they can make altogether different choice in fight. This helps in alleviating the difficulties in GW.


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